The Focus on Self

The edification of self

The modern-day use of tongues is a focus on self; it is the edification of self.  The tongues speakers will often say that “tongues” is a “special heavenly prayer language.”  This phrase subtly identifies a tongues speaker as being “special” in a “heavenly” sort of way.  The phrase “prayer language” is a farce because God understands us when we pray no matter what language we use, or even if we speak no words at all.  The use of the word “prayer” tries to identify their supposed speaking in “tongues” as having something to do with prayer.  A person who could not speak would be omitted from ever praying if this were the truth.  The use of the word, “language” indicates that “tongues” is a specific language, but it is not any one specific language, else people would be using it for daily communication.  Also, the use of the word “language” subtly gives the impression that the tongues speaker can speak God’s language thus leaving a gap between God and others who cannot blabber as they do.





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